IDEA Study: Social Status in Apprenticeships in the Czech Republic

28 April, 2021

Only around 30% of pupils of primary schools enter apprenticeship education in the Czech Republic every year. Research usually does not state what pupils are interested in and how their composition changes over time, but rather how large a proportion of pupils go on to study apprenticeships.

A study by the IDEA think tank entitled "Social Status of Apprenticeships in the Czech Republic", conducted by Václav Korbel and Daniel Munich, maps these phenomena by measuring the social status of apprenticeship education in the Czech Republic and its development over the last fifteen years. The study concluded that apprenticeships are very unpopular; this is especially evident in comparison with countries such as Switzerland or Austria where the choice of apprenticeship is based on conviction, not a necessity.

You can read the whole study here. Václav Korbel also gave an interview on this topic in Lidové noviny.