CERGE-EI Media Highlights for September

5 October, 2020

The effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the Czech society and economy were among the dominating topics commented on by researchers from CERGE-EI and the IDEA think tank for Czech media during September. Our experts had their say on the abolition of the "super-gross wage" and regional differences in wages. Long-term research done by Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová, and an online application explaining some of the key principles of statistics also appeared in this month's headlines.

At the very beginning of September, Jan Švejnar warned about the economic crisis caused by the world pandemic of Covid-19 in an interview for Reflex magazine. Marek Kapička expressed his concerns about the upcoming limitations of social and economic interactions in an article by Ekonom magazine.

More restrictions due to the growing numbers of infected people were expected by Daniel Münich, who spoke about his concerns in an interview for Seznam Zprávy. Ole Jann commented on a study that shows that temporary restrictions are a good way to protect the public health and economy. The two mentioned researchers jointly wrote a commentary for Lidové noviny.

A rather worrying analysis of the development regarding Covid-19 in the Czech Republic based on the results of mathematical models was outlined by René Levínský in an interview for

The fight against the fast-spreading infection and criticism of the Czech government’s approach were the topics of two interviews with Jakub Steiner - by the Seznam Zprávy website and DVTV internet television.

Filip Pertold has repeatedly pointed out that the Czech government failed to introduce preventive measures in time and warned about the consequences on Czech Television and Czech Radio. In his commentary for Hospodářské noviny, Filip stated arguments against closing schools or restricting visits to homes for the elderly.

The retirement age was one the topics of Filip's presentation for the roundtable "Retirement - the End or Opportunity?", jointly organized by the IDEA think tank and the Krása pomoci foundation. The topic was covered by the website.

Klára Kalíšková commented on the abolition of the super-gross wage for Alena Bičáková shared her view on the issue of regional differences in salaries for the daily MF Dnes.

Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová shared the story of their research on the various social and economics phenomena in the post-war zones and developing countries with the "A" journal of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Pavel Kocourek is one of the authors of the interactive application "Theory of probability for life", which explains the difference between the reliability, sensitivity, and specificity of Covid-19 tests. Read more in the article by iForum, the Charles University magazine.