CERGE-EI to Host the 8th BRIC Conference in June 2020

20 December, 2019

The 8th edition of the Bounded Rationality in Choice (BRIC) conference is taking place at CERGE-EI in June 2020.

The conference brings together researchers in choice theory, experimental economics and behavioral economics who are interested in how bounds on rationality play out in individual decisions and interactive situations. The local organizer for BRIC 2020 in Prague is Jakub Steiner.

 "Bounded Rationality in Choice has become a focal conference for economists who study how people with their rich set of humane deviations from homo economicus make economic decisions, ranging from the everyday ones in the supermarkets to the life-changing ones over education, jobs or marriages," said Jakub. "CERGE-EI is proud to host the 8th edition of this conference after locations that include Columbia, Northwestern, and New York universities," he added.

BRIC stands for Bounded Rationality in Choice, the name of the first conference that Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti organized in St Andrews in 2013. It has now turned into an annual meeting, welcoming papers on topics related to bounded rationality in choice.