Ole Jann Joins the Advisory Team of Czech Deputy Prime Minister

4 March, 2022

Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization and Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartoš assembled his team of advisors. One of them is Ole Jann, researcher and member of the CERGE-EI faculty.

Ole will share his valuable knowledge in the field of economics of information and economics of digital transformation.

"I look forward to getting to know and working with the other members, and discussing the questions that come with the digital transformation that our economy and society are undergoing," Ole said.

Ole Jann has been an Assistant Professor at CERGE-EI since September 2019. He is also an Assistant Professor at CERGE and Charles University, and a Researcher at Economics Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences. From 2020 to 2022, he has been the head of PRIMUS research project "Information Revelation and Privacy in the Information Age" at Charles University, and from 2022 to 2026, he will be head of the GAČR Junior Star Project "Data, Algorithms, Power: Economic Theories of the Information Society."

He was previously a Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow at Nuffield College at University of Oxford. Ole holds a Ph.D. from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He received a B.Sc. in Economics/Business at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, and an M.Sc. in Economics/Finance at University of Copenhagen, Denmark.