Susan E. Walton

Susan E. Walton

Principal, Frost Consulting

Susan E. Walton is a principal at London based Frost Consulting where she is a specialist consultant in semantic search and digital content management for many leading investment bank and asset managers. Susan is also the Director of CapX, the first free-market focussed digital news and commentary service from the British think tank, The Centre for Policy Studies.

Susan was the Global Head of Electronic Commerce at ABN-Amro (1998-2001), and she was Director and Founding Partner of Caspian Securities, a global investment bank (1995-1998). Previous to this, Susan was Deputy Head of Global Research at Baring Securities. In these positions she pioneered many internet-based applications that are now commonplace in the industry. Susan also co-founded and achieved public stock market listings for two start-up technology companies in the US and the UK. 

Susan was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She was educated at Harvard University and studied at London Business School and London University. Susan has served as a committee member and board member of several international, charitable foundations and organizations that support her interest in public policy and education. She has a particular passion in the advancement of young women through higher education, especially in Eastern and Central Europe. 

Susan E. Walton on CERGE-EI:

“CERGE-EI's timely mission to educate in higher economics the promising students from the developing world has had a remarkable extra benefit of encouraging the young women from the region who have been doubly neglected in this field in the past. I have been particularly impressed by the impact of this innovative program on the lives of these remarkable women and gratified by the impact they, in turn, are making on the future of their countries and the world.”