Think-Tank IDEA: Where the First Draft Expenditure in the State Budget for 2022 Was Headed

The draft state budget (SB) for 2022 submitted at the end of summer 2021 by the outgoing government of Andrej Babiš planned for expenditures of 1,928 billion CZK. That would be 394.5 billion CZK; 25.7% more than the actual expenditure of the SB in 2019.

CERGE-EI Experts Will Help Define Public Policy

The newly appointed Czech Government has reached out to members' of CERGE-EI faculty for assistance in defining future public policies.

CERGE-EI Media Highlights for December

Soaring energy bills, rising interest rates, and the retirement system in the Czech Republic were among the most frequent topics commented on by CERGE-EI's experts in Czech media. Our Ph.D. student Ketevani Kapanadze, who won first place in the Young Economist 2021 competition, gave an interview concerning her research and plans for

CERGE-EI’s PhD Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to promote CERGE-EI’s excellent PhD job market candidates for 2021-2022.

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Dana Hájková (PhD in Economics 2007), Director of Monetary Policy and Fiscal Analyses Division, Czech National Bank, Prague

Ivo Bakota (PhD in Economics 2020), Postdoctoral Researcher at the Munich Center for the Economics of Aging, Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, Germany

Mykola Babiak (PhD in Economics, 2019), Assistant Professor in Finance at Lancaster University Management School, UK

Branka Matyska (PhD in Economics 2021), Postdoctoral Researcher, Paris School of Economics, France


Top Publications

Kőszegi, Botond, and Filip Matějka. 2020. “Choice Simplification: A Theory of Mental Budgeting and Naive Diversification.” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 135(2): 1153–1207.

Altmejd, Adam, Andrés Barrios-Fernández, Marin Drlje, Joshua Goodman, Michael Hurwitz, Dejan Kovac, Christine Mulhern, Christopher Neilson, and Jonathan Smith. 2021. “O Brother, Where Start Thou? Sibling Spillovers on College and Major Choice in Four Countries.Quarterly Journal of Economics, 136(3): 1831–1886.

Gossner, Olivier, Jakub Steiner, and Colin Stewart. 2021. “Attention Please!.” Econometrica, 89(4): 1717–1751.

Jung, Junehyuk, Jeong Ho (John) Kim, Filip Matějka, and Christopher A. Sims. 2019. “Discrete Actions in Information-Constrained Decision Problems.” Review of Economic Studies, 86(6): 2643–2667.

Zacchia, Paolo. 2020. “Knowledge Spillovers through Networks of Scientists.” Review of Economic Studies, 87(4): 1989–2018.

Mackowiak, Bartosz, Filip Matejka, and Mirko Wiederholt. Forthcoming. “Rational Inattention: A Review.” Journal of Economic Literature.

Meyer, Bruce D., Nikolas Mittag, and Robert M. Goerge. Forthcoming. “Errors in Survey Reporting and Imputation and their Effects on Estimates of Food Stamp Program Participation.” Journal of Human Resources.

Schweiger, Helena, Alexander Stepanov, and Paolo Zacchia. Forthcoming. “The Long-Run Effects of R&D Place-Based Policies: Evidence from Russian Science Cities.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

Matějka, Filip, and Guido Tabellini. 2021. “Electoral Competition with Rationally Inattentive Voters.” Journal of the European Economic Association, 19(3): 1899–1935.

Meyer, Bruce D., and Nikolas Mittag. 2019. “Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data to Better Measure Income: Implications for Poverty, Program Effectiveness and Holes in the Safety Net.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11(2): 176–204.

Mittag, Nikolas. 2019. “Correcting for Misreporting of Government Benefits.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. 11(2): 142–164.

Henrich, Joseph, Michal Bauer, Alessandra Cassar, Julie Chytilová, and Benjamin Grant Purzycki. 2019. “War Increases Religiosity.” Nature Human Behaviour, 3(2): 129–135.


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Štěpán Jurajda appointed to serve as Chairman of the Commission for Evaluation of Research Organizations and Programs... more


Filip Matějka joins a new expert group for ERC Grants... more


Jakub Steiner's paper co-authored with Olivier Gossner and Colin Stewart to be published in Econometrica... more


Jan Hanousek and Christian Ochsner granted funding for their research projects from the Czech Science Foundation (GACR)... more

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