Doc. Ing. Marie Bohatá, CSc.

Doc. Ing. Marie Bohatá, CSc.


Research orientation: ethics and economics, business ethics, ethics in public administration

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  • 2016+Senior Researcher, CERGE-EI, Czech Republic
  • 2014+Senior Advisor on Public Administration reform in Ukraine European Commission, Belgium
  • 2004–2014Deputy Director General, European Commission, Eurostat, Luxembourg
  • 2003–2004Vice-Rector, University of International and Public Relations, the Czech Republic
    Part-time Professor, CMC Graduate School of Business, the Czech Republic
  • 1999–2003President, Czech Statistical Office, the Czech Republic
  • 1993–1999Senior researcher, Head of the Center for Ethics in Economics and Business, Economics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    Field: Manufacturing industry in the transition period; ethics of business
  • 1984–1992Head of Department, Deputy Director, Central Research Institute of National Economy, the Czech Republic
    Field: Structural Policy, Competitiveness and Export Performance of Manufacturing Industry
  • 1971–1983Research Institute of the Engineering Industry, the Czech Republic
    Field: Construction and Application of Econometric Models; Analyses of the Industrial Development

Research Orientation

  • European integration
  • Governance
  • Ethics and economics
  • Business ethics
  • Ethics in public administration

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