Stanislav Anatolyev, Ph.D.

Stanislav Anatolyev, Ph.D.

Associate Professor with Tenure

Research orientation: econometrics (method of moments, non-standard asymptotic methods and time series modeling)

Office: 316

+420-224 005 229

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Stanislav Anatolyev has been an Associate Professor at CERGE-EI and a member of the Executive and Supervisory Committee of CERGE-EI since 2016. He also has been an Assistant Professor at CERGE, Charles University and a Researcher at the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (EI). He has worked as a Full Professor at New Economic School, Moscow. Stanislav graduated from the New Economic School (NES, Moscow) and received his Ph.D. degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was awarded a tenured professorship at NES, where he also served as director of the Master’s program (2010-2016) and as interim Rector of NES. Stanislav’s research work has been published in several leading economics journals, including Econometrica, the Journal of Econometrics, the Journal of Business & Economic StatisticsEconometric Theory, and others, as well as in a book on advanced econometrics. Stanislav has received numerous distinctions in teaching: several NES graduating classes and the NES Graduates Association have given him the “Professor of the Year” award.

Research Orientation:

Econometrics (method of moments, non-standard asymptotic methods and time series modeling)

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