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Wednesday, 1 April, 2020 | 18:45 | Economics Discovery Hub

Mastering Excel Basics

Wednesdays, 18:45-20:45
Starting date: 1 April 2020
Finishing date: 22 April 2020
Instructor: Petar Buha


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Still not using Excel effectively? Join our short course, wherein four lessons you will learn the basics of Excel and master the tools necessary for its efficient usage.


No prior knowledge of Excel necessary.

Participants need to bring their own laptops with  Excel 2007 or later installed, ideally 2013 or 2016.


Lecture 1:

  • Basic information
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Formatting (& conditional, pt.1)
  • Visuals, help (comments, cell borders, ...)
  • Column/cell hide, size, group, merge cells
  • Introduction to formulas (basic math, SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE)
  • IFs, AND, OR, NOT

Lecture 2:

  • Conditional formatting, pt. 2
  • Anchoring cells
  • Freeze panes, rows & columns
  • Filters

Lecture 3:

  • DATE
  • Text functions
  • Calculation options
  • Pivot tables

Lecture 4:

  • Data validation (esp. lists)
  • Text to columns
  • (Dynamic) named ranges
  • Paste special
  • Other formats
  • Formula auditing (F9, tracing)
  • Etiquette in Excel

Participants who attend at least 75% of the sessions will obtain a Certificate of Attendance issued by CERGE-EI.

About the Instructor: 

Petar is an MA in Applied Economics graduate from 2015 and currently works as an Analyst at Accenture. He is interested in analysis, innovation, and IT; it was due to these interests that he worked at Social Bakers prior to his studies and why he joined Accenture after graduation. He used Excel considerably during his studies, especially on the practical Financial Modeling course, and he also uses it extensively in his current role, where he has developed complex models for an insurance provider's regulatory reporting and is administering reporting capabilities for a data migration stream, analyzing and forecasting the productivity of developers and their deliverables. In his free time, Petar likes to do kick-boxing, watch sci-fi movies and actively socialize.

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