Doc. Ing. Daniel Münich, Ph.D.

Doc. Ing. Daniel Münich, Ph.D.

Professor of Professional Practice

Research orientation: labor economics, economics of education and schooling, bibliometric analysis

Office: 303

+420-224 005 175

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Daniel Münich has served as the executive director of academic think-tank IDEA at CERGE-EI since 2012. He has been a Professor of Professional Practice (under US permanent charter) at CERGE-EI since 2016, a Docent (Associate Professor) at CERGE, Charles University, and a Researcher at the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (EI). He served as Deputy Director for Research at CERGE and EI (2015-2018), Deputy Director for Public Relations and Development (2003-2006), and Deputy Director for Graduate Studies (1999-2002).  He received his Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from Czech Technical University in Prague, and a Ph.D. in Economics from CERGE, Charles University. He was a Visiting Scholar at the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan Business School and completed a study stay at the University of Pittsburgh. He has been a member of the National Council for Budgetary Forecasts. He served as an advisor to the Ministers of Education, Youth and Sport, and the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic, as an external advisor of the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic and supervising the National Strategy for Economic Growth. Daniel was a member of an expert team preparing reforms of the Czech tertiary education system. He was a member of the National Economic Board of the Czech Government, a chair of the governmental Advisory Committee for Social and Human Sciences, and a member of the Advisory Committee for Evaluation of Research and Development of the Board for Research and Development of the Czech government.

Research Orientation:

Labor economics (empirical issues of unemployment, labor supply and policies, human capital, welfare schemes), economics of education and schooling (public vs. private schools, quality of education, efficiency and equity, selectivity), bibliometric analysis

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