Master Theses

Monday, 12 September, 2022

Master´s Thesis Defense Presentations

Let us invite you to the Master Thesis Defense Presentations on Monday, September 12, 2022.


Monday 12. 09.

Defense Committee: Michal Bauer (chair 10:00, 11:30), Christian Ochsner (chair 13:30, 15:00), Mariola Pytliková at room #402

10:00     Kosenkova Vlada: Russia Versus Breast Cancer: Examination of the “White Rose” Charity Project

             Chair: Andreas Menzel

             Opponent: Vasily Korovkin

11:30     Smirnov Maksim: Job Reallocation and Wage Structure in the Czech Republic Based on ISPV Data

              Chair: Štěpán Jurajda

              Opponent: Vasily Korovkin

13:30     Sinani Sofiana: Labor Market Effects of the Working Family Tax Credit on Single Mothers in the UK

             Chair: Andreas Menzel

             Opponent: Krešimir Žigić

15:00     Kotarja Angjelina: The Impact of Floods on Maternal and Newborn Healthcare in Pakistan

              Chair: Andreas Menzel

              Opponent: Paolo Zacchia

Kosenkova Vlada: Russia Versus Breast Cancer: Examination of the “White Rose” Charity Project


According to the World Cancer Research Fund International (2022), breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. Therefore, many countries have aimed to implement healthcare programs to decrease mortality rates associated with this type of cancer. Moreover, some part of these programs aims to decrease the burden on government budgets connected to medical expenses. In this thesis, I investigate the effects of the White Rose charity project implemented in Russia to raise awareness about breast cancer among women. I evaluate the influence of the project on health outcomes, including breast cancer mortality rates, the probability to die within a year after the diagnosis, and the share of primary stages of cancer among new diagnoses. I construct a novel dataset using official reports on the oncological situation on the regional level. Using the event study approach, I find intermediate effects that are more pronounced at the longer horizon. In addition, I notice a rise in the number of new breast cancer diagnoses, which might be an indicator of the effectiveness of the program. Because there are no prior studies of this program, the results of my research might be of interest to policymakers in Russia and other developing countries with similar economic structures.

Keywords: Health Economics, Breast Cancer, Differences-in-Differences, Development Economics

Full Text: “Russia Versus Breast Cancer: Examination of the "White Rose" Charity Project