Kosk na web"The MAER program can be a very challenging experience, but is ultimately a rewarding one as you gain a solid knowledge of the landscape of modern economic research and a deeper understanding of its tools and methods."

Martin, MAER Alumnus

Entry Requirements

How to apply

Admissions process


Fraudulent Documents Policy

Important Dates:

December 1:  Applications open

December 13: 1st Webinar - see event calendar for more information

January 17: 2nd Webinar for PhD applicants - see event calendar for more information

January 19: 2nd Webinar for MAER applicants - see event calendar for more information

March 31 at 23.59 CET: Application deadline

Follow our event calendar for up-to-date information on events for applicants.

BA students and graduates with exceptionally strong technical backgrounds may be considered for admission to both MAER and US PhD programs. More information here.

If you already hold an MA degree, consider applying for our PhD program.