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Tuesday, 12 March, 2019 | 17:30 | Economics Discovery Hub

Introduction to MatLab

Tuesdays 17:30 - 19:00 
Starting date: 12 March 2019
Finishing date: 2 April 2019
Duration: 4 lessons
Course instructor: Olga Bychkova

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Course content:

Lecture 1:

  • Introducing Matlab and its language:

(a) Data types, variables, expressions, and built-in functions

(b) Characters, vectors, and matrices

(c) Operations with vectors and matrices

Lecture 2:

  • Selection statements: if, if-else, switch statements
  • Loop statements: for-loop, while-loop
  • Debugging

Lecture 3:

  • Input and output functions
  • Graphs
  • User-defined functions:

(a) Anonymous functions and function handles

(b) M-scripts and functions

Lecture 4:

  • Numerical optimization: 

(a) Second-order difference equation (an example of using function fzero from the Optimization Toolbox)

(b) A problem of optimal harvesting of a natural resource (finite horizon)

(c) Neal's model of career choice

  • How to handle text and Excel files in Matlab?

Participants who attend at least 75% of the sessions can claim a Certificate of Attendance issued by CERGE-EI.

About the facilitator:

Olga Bychkova
Olga is a CERGE-EI PhD Candidate and Junior Researcher. Her dissertation focuses on corporate as well as public finance. In particular, the three studies contribute to the venture capital investment and macro-financial shocks' spillovers fields. The analytical side of her research is based on mathematical modeling. Since 2015, she has regularly taught econometrics and finance courses heavily based on different mathematical concepts. In her free time, Olga enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling.

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