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Thursday, 5 October, 2017 | 17:30 | Economics Discovery Hub

Introduction to Machine Learning

Thursdays 17:30 - 19:00 
Starting date: 5 October 2017
Finishing date: 30 November 2017 
Duration: 9 lessons
Course instructor: Pablo Maldonado 

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Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. In this course you will get a quick introduction to this ever-growing field. We will cover the basics of a wide spectrum of algorithms and applications to give you an overall feeling for the field. We will use different R libraries for this.


  • At least some experience with programming languages is highly recommended.
  • Download and install R and RStudio.


  1. Customer Base segmentation with k-means.
  2. Linear regression for house price prediction.
  3. Predicting discrete outcomes with logistic regression.
  4. Working with text. Sentiment analysis.
  5. Decision trees and random forests.
  6. Time series forecasting.
  7. Outlier detection and fraud analytics.
  8. Deep Learning, part 1: Neural networks. Backpropagation.
  9. Deep Learning, part 2: Convolutional neural networks.
  10. Deep Learning, part 3: Recurrent neural networks.

Participants who attend at least 75% of the sessions will obtain a Certificate of Attendance issued by CERGE-EI.

About the instructor:

Pablo Maldonado 
Pablo earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the Universite Paris VI - Pierre et Marie Curie in France.  He is currently a data science consultant and lecturer at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Previously, he worked for O2 Czech Republic and PricewaterhouseCoopers as a data scientist, and lectured in two Mexican universities. In his spare time, Pablo enjoys cooking and improving his salsa and drumming skills.  

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