Talking Economics

Following courses and workshops focused on Economics were offered:

Spring 2020

Talking Economics! series

Do you wonder what 'economic research' means? Is it accounting, auditing or consulting? Our aim is to shed some light on what we do in an easily approachable way. No worries, we will show you #ScienceYouWillUnderstand. 

Talking Economics! is our brand new series of public lectures designed to introduce the latest work of our researchers to non-economists.

You can meet us at CERGE-EI or join the lecture via a live-stream. The link would be provided after you register. Choose the lecture you would like to attend and find the registration form there. 

Fall 2019

Spring 2019

Fall 2018

Experimental Economics series

Interested in Experimental Economics?

Join our series of practical workshops to explore this exciting field. Meet the winners of the 2017 Exeter Prize, Michal Bauer and Vojtěch Bartoš.

Spring 2018

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Fall 2017