Mission of Nadace CERGE-EI

Nadace CERGE-EI is a Czech non-profit entity created to raise funds that help support economics education in the Czech Republic and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. As is implied by its name, Nadace CERGE-EI is most closely affiliated with the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education and the Economics Institute (CERGE-EI). However, it accepts applications from any accredited educational institution which has economics education as its mission.

Nadace CERGE-EI is particularly dedicated to garnering the financial support necessary to sustain and advance the mission of CERGE-EI, and actively seeks financial support from the private sector throughout Central and Eastern Europe, both for operating funds and for endowments. While annual operating funds continue to be the primary need of CERGE-EI, it is ultimately endowment support that will create a stable income base and long-term financial security for the institution.

Administrative Structure of Nadace CERGE-EI

Nadace CERGE-EI is an extremely cost-efficient operation, with just one part-time employee. Our Board of Directors, chaired by Martin Kálovec, is a voluntary group of civic and business leaders who actively assist Nadace's fund-raising efforts. The controlling body of the Nadace CERGE-EI is the Supervisory Board.

Our Supporters
Official Nadace CERGE-EI Webpage (in Czech only)

NADACE Administration
Blanka Hadová (Secretary to the Board)
Administrative Director
P.O. Box 882, Politických vězňů 7
111 21 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tel: (+420) 224 005 143
Fax: (+420) 224 005 185
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