Tuesday, 26 March, 2024 | 14:00 | Defense - PhD

Daviti Jibuti: Essays in Experimental Economics: Labor Market Discrimination

Dissertation Committee:

prof. Randall K. Filer, Ph.D.  (the City University of New York, chair)

Andreas Menzel, Ph.D. (CERGE-EI, local chair)

doc. PhDr. Michal Bauer, Ph.D. (CERGE-EI)

Defense Committee:

prof. RNDr. Filip Matějka, Ph.D. (CERGE-EI, chair)

doc. Nikolas Mittag, Ph.D. (CERGE-EI)

doc. Ing. Inna Čábelková (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)


Daniel S. Hamermesh, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin)

Partha Deb, Ph.D. (Hunter College)

Please find the link and the password for the online connection below:


Passcode: 6182