Wednesday, 4 April, 2018

17:00 | Economics Discovery Hub

Life Insurance Mathematics and Financial Analysis in Practice

Wednesdays 17:00 - 18:30 
Starting date: 4 April 2018
Finishing date: 25 April 2018
Duration: 4 lessons
Course instructor: Martin Janecek

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The objective of the course:

The objective is to introduce and demonstrate and play with real and practical calculations in insurance practice - focused on life insurance.


Basic knowledge of math and financial principles and basic Excel skills are enough to manage the course.


The seminars are planned to combine financial theory with playing on practical examples in MS Excel. Therefore, it is recommended to have a computer with the Excel SW available.


  • Introduction to life insurance products calculation principles
  • Modeling (forecasting) of the life insurance contracts
  • Real and practical economic applications - profitability, company value, risk management
  • Risk management (focused on solvency) within the insurance company

The participant will understand:

  • The principles of life insurance calculations
  • How to structure the life insurance products and how to determine the premium and benefits of the products
  • Key economic analysis of the life insurance from insurer point of view:
  • profitability
  • investment strategy
  • assets-liability management
  • value of the company assets, liabilities => the company market value
  • solvency 

We will make for example the applications on realistic examples in MS Excel:

  • Calculate the premium of several kinds of life products
  • How profitable is the specific life contract or portfolio of contracts
  • What is the value of the company assets, liabilities => market value of the company
  • How to invest in life insurance company to optimize value and risk of the company value
  • How the solvency of the insurance company is calculated

Participants who attend at least 75% of the sessions will obtain a Certificate of Attendance issued by CERGE-EI.

About the facilitator:

Martin Janecek 
Martin earned his Ph.D. in Actuarial Science at MFF UK in Prague. He is currently a managing director and the owner of the Tools4F actuarial consulting company supporting many insurance companies especially in CE and Adriatic region. Previously, he worked mainly for CSOB Pojistovna as the appointed actuary and risk manager. Martin is a regular teacher at Economic University in Prague leading life insurance master courses and frequent lecturer at many of Czech universities and professional actuarial societies within the European region. In his spare time, Martin enjoys his family life, active winter as well as summer sports and improving his piano playing skills.

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