We are pleased to announce that the winner of Alumni Awards 2017 is Petar Buha! We thank him again for his generous dedication to the CERGE-EI community. 


We are delighted to present the CERGE-EI alumni who have been nominated for the 2017 Alumni Awards for their contributions to the CERGE-EI community.

We hope that following list represents at least a part of the tremendous support that our alumni provide each year. We appreciate every alumnus!

Vojtěch Bartoš, 2016 PhD in Economics Graduate

Vojtěch offered to share his recent job-market experience with our current students at a PhD workshop in December (with Jana Cahlíková, below). Personal tips and insights about this transitional period are of great help to current students, and  also encourage them to pursue their own paths. Vojtěch has been very helpful in similar projects in the past (such as sharing his American Economic Review publication experience at a workshop and giving continuous feedback to PhD program development).

Petar Buha, 2015 Master’s in Applied Economics Graduate

Every semester, Petar teaches the very popular Mastering Excel Basics course in our Economics Discovery Hub, in the Fall semester at no charge. In the Spring semester he also offered a course in Mastering Advanced Excel Functions. Through his teaching and sharing his expertise, Petar is helping students to gain valuable skills and raising awareness about CERGE-EI, particularly our MAE program.

Jana Cahlíková, 2016 PhD in Economics Graduate

Jana offered to share her recent job-market experience with our current students at a PhD workshop in December (with Vojtěch Bartoš, above). Her interest in and encouragement of current students helps to inspire them as they prepare for their own job searches. In addition, she has been involved in number of recruitment activities on a voluntary basis, presenting her study experience and promoting CERGE-EI study programs.

Aleš Nechuta, 2014 Master’s in Applied Economics Graduate

Aleš conducted the "Writing Policy Papers Under Pressure" workshop in our Economics Discovery Hub on a voluntary basis, thus sharing his work expertise with other students. He has been actively involved in helping to raise awareness about the MAE program and study experience at CERGE-EI.

Dragana Stanisić, 2013 PhD in Economics Graduate

Dragana, recently elected to a CERGE-EI Foundation member position, has helped with a number of alumni activities. Besides other projects, she organized an Alumni Meeting linked to the 25th Anniversary Graduation Gala in May 2016, which was a great source of feedback and ideas for our future projects. Her contributions help us to bring alumni closer to current CERGE-EI activities.

Jiří Střelický, 2011 PhD in Economics Graduate

Jiří has been nominated for his ongoing fundraising efforts and  long-term dedication to CERGE-EI. Through his service to Nadace CERGE-EI as the chairman of the fund, Jiří has helped the non-profit entity to foster economics education in the Czech Republic and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. He recently extended his commitment to CERGE-EI when he was elected as a new external member of The Board of the Economics Institute (EI).