Veronika Jelínková

Veronika Jelínková

Czech Republic, MA in Applied Economics 2013

Veronika is a Co-Founder and CEO of - a platform that connects superhumans from all over the world to unlock their superpowers. She is also a Co-Founder of and Veronika is the author of the book "Burn Slowly" ("Hoř pomalu"). 

Before that Veronika was a Partner at located in the USA. Upon graduation from CERGE-EI, Veronika worked as an Area Manager for Europe in GrowJOB Institute which provides personal and corporate growth consulting services. At the same time Veronika was an CEO and Marketing Manager for an NGO called Project 141 which supports basic education of children in less developed countries. Before joining the MA in Applied Economics program, Veronika had graduated with an MA in Economics degree from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Veronika recently spoke to CERGE-EI about and her study experiences, more can be read about her recent developments on the CERGE-EI blog.

Veronika’s Success Story

“I was always a rebel and a bit hyperactive. No wonder my dear father suggested I go abroad after graduating high school. I thought it was a great idea. Freedom! So, I left for Scotland. I thought I could speak English quite well, but those who have ever had a conversation with a Scot will know I was deluding myself. Since my English was in fact very poor, I had a hard time finding a job. When I had just 10 pounds left in my pocket, I was invited for an interview. I understood nothing the interviewer said except the time I should come—I  guessed at the place, since there were dozens of places I’d sent my CV. I guessed right. 

After that, my life took on more colour. I worked, learned, and often failed. Five years later I graduated with a M.A. in Economics from the University of Aberdeen, where I focused on experimental economics. I’m fascinated by how people make decisions, and while doing research on altruism at Aberdeen I came across papers from CERGE-EI. These motivated me to apply to the MA in Applied Economics program. In that one intensive year, I gained a lot both personally and professionally.  It was up to me to use the time, the resources available, the professors, the cohort, and the materials in the best possible way. Learning to be fully accountable was not an easy journey, but it made me think about priorities because I had to manage my time efficiently. Even now, I am in contact with some professors and meet with them from time to time.  I feel I have become a part of a family.

Thanks to CERGE-EI, I realized which path I want to take in life.  I have a dream job now, where I apply behavioral economics and related scientific research  to help individuals and companies grow.  When people have better knowledge, they make better decisions. And when they make better decisions, they are more likely to have a better future. But more importantly,  I have a job that is also my passion, I work with people who share my values , and  I see  that what I do has meaning  for society. I believe I live for something more than myself.”