CERGE-EI Hires Five New Faculty Members

12 April, 2016

It is our pleasure to announce that five new faculty members are joining CERGE-EI as of September. This faculty expansion ranks among the most important hiring successes in CERGE-EI’s history.

During the intense hiring process, both junior and senior CERGE-EI hiring committees conducted over 40 interviews -- both in Prague and abroad -- and organized as many as 15 flyouts. We are delighted that Andreas Menzel, Veronika Selezneva, and Ctirad Slavík are joining us as Assistant Professors, in addition to Mariola Pytliková coming aboard full time following a short term of part-time appointment. Additionally, Stanislav Anatolyev is joining our senior faculty as an Associate Professor with tenure.

Stanislav Anatolyev is a theoretical econometrician who has made important contributions to classical econometrics, most notably to the instrumental variables method of estimation. He also works in time series econometrics with applications to finance. Stanislav’s professional career has been connected primarily with the New Economic School, Moscow, where he has held the positions of Access Industries Professor of Economics, Chair of Promotion and Tenure Committee and Director of the Master in Economics program. He earned his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Master’s degrees from the same university as well as the New Economic School.

Andreas Menzel is an empirical microeconomist working on development, organizational, and labor economics. His research interests lie in organizational learning and firms in developing countries, currently garment factories in Bangladesh. Andreas recently earned his PhD from the University of Warwick. He received his M.Sc. in International Economics and Finance from Tilburg University.

Mariola Pytliková specializes in labor economics and industrial relations with key interests in international migration, ethnic labor diversity, gender, wages and inequality. She joined us as a part time Assistant Professor this January, also holding a senior researcher post at the VSB Technical University Ostrava. Previously, she was a senior researcher at the Danish Institute of Governmental Research (KORA) and an Assistant Professor at Aarhus University. Mariola received her PhD from Aarhus University and held numerous visiting positions for instance at Princeton University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Veronika Selezneva is a macroeconomist with a secondary field of interest in finance. Her research spans quantitative and theoretical macroeconomics as well as microstructure finance. She will earn her PhD from Northwestern University this summer. Prior to that she completed her Master’s studies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. While joining CERGE-EI, Veronika has been awarded the Foscolo Europe Fellowship.

Ctirad Slavík’s primary research areas include macroeconomics, public finance and financial economics. He is joining us from the Department of Money and Macroeconomics, Goethe University Frankfurt where he holds an Assistant Professor position. Prior to that he worked as a Research Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Ctirad received his PhD from the University of Minnesota, and Master’s degrees from Charles University in Prague and CERGE-EI.