Support for CERGE-EI is an investment in a more stable and prosperous future for Central and Eastern Europe and the rest of the developing world. CERGE-EI offers promising students from throughout the post-communist and developing world a world-class education in economics and cutting-edge training in modern economic research.

CERGE-EI graduates are already at work in international organizations, government ministries and Central Banks, regional universities and think-tanks, and in prestigious positions in the private sector. They are playing a major role in introducing sound economic policies and economic literacy in the region.

To build on this success we need the continuing support of our alumni and friends. Your contributions will help CERGE-EI to better enable our students to meet the challenges they will face.

Let us make education our common purpose. Explore the information offered here that highlights CERGE-EI’s mission and accomplishments, and please contact us to discuss how you can make an impact.