How Much is a Good Teacher Worth? The Economic Returns to a Good Teacher
Public lecture by Prof. Eric Hanushek will take place on September 18, 2014. more

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Cafedu: Coffee and Study by Iva Pejsarová
Iva Pejsarová, a CERGE-EI PhD student, has recently opened a brand new coffeehouse with a study room. She was inspired by the study… more

Klára Kalíšková Publishes in Labour Economics
CERGE-EI PhD student and Junior Researcher, Klára Kalíšková, recently had her article entitled "Labor supply consequences of family… more

Rebecca Blank Visits CERGE-EI and Charles University
Rebecca M. Blank, current chancellor of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA visited CERGE-EI on August 4th 2014. She met with… more

MA in Applied Economics Graduation Ceremony
The 2014 Master of Arts in Applied Economics Program Graduation Ceremony took place on Wednesday, July 23rd, at 11:00 a.m. in beautiful… more

Current Visiting Professors at CERGE-EI
We would like to inform you that Professor Allison Stanger from Middlebury College will be visiting CERGE-EI from July 21 until August… more

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Matějka Filip, McKay AlisdairRational Inattention to Discrete Choices: A New Foundation for the Multinomial Logit Model American Economic Review, forthcoming

Kapička MarekOptimal Mirrleesean Taxation with Unobservable Human Capital FormationAmerican Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming

Loeper Antoine, Steiner Jakub, Stewart ColinInfluential Opinion Leaders
Economic Journalforthcoming

Gillman Max, Kejak Michal, Pakoš Michal Learning about Rare Disasters: Implications For Consumption and Asset Prices
Review of Finance, forthcoming

Bauer Michal, Cassar Alessandra, Chytilová Julie, Henrich JosephWar's Enduring Effects on the Development of Egalitarian Motivations and In-group BiasesPsychological Science, 2014

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18 Sep | 14:00 | Public Lecture
Prof. Eric Hanushek: "The Economic Returns to a Good Teacher"

22 Sep | 16:30 | Research Seminar
Prof. Andrew Oswald: "Human Well-Being and In-Work Benefits: A Randomized…

23 Sep | 10:00 | Public Lecture
Prof. Andrew Oswald: "Does Home Ownership Drive Unemployment? Empirical…

1 Nov | 09:00 | Special Event
Week of Science and Technology

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