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Jean Tirole Wins Nobel Prize for Economics
The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2014 was awarded to Jean Tirole "for his analysis of market… more

CERGE-EI Participates in The Week of Science and Technology
The Week of Science and Technology, organized by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (1-15 November 2014), is the most… more

Levent Celik Awarded the Jan Švejnar and Katherine Terrell Teaching Prize
It is a great pleasure to announce that Levent Celik was awarded the Jan Švejnar and Katherine Terrell Teaching Prize for 2013/2014. more

CERGE-EI Staff Receive ‘Institutional Cooperation’ Norway Grants
It’s not only CERGE-EI faculty and students who enjoy opportunities to further their education abroad. Members of CERGE-EI staff have a… more

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Matějka Filip, McKay AlisdairRational Inattention to Discrete Choices: A New Foundation for the Multinomial Logit Model American Economic Review, forthcoming

Kapička MarekOptimal Mirrleesean Taxation with Unobservable Human Capital FormationAmerican Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming

Loeper Antoine, Steiner Jakub, Stewart ColinInfluential Opinion Leaders
Economic Journalforthcoming

Gillman Max, Kejak Michal, Pakoš Michal Learning about Rare Disasters: Implications For Consumption and Asset Prices
Review of Finance, forthcoming

Bauer Michal, Cassar Alessandra, Chytilová Julie, Henrich JosephWar's Enduring Effects on the Development of Egalitarian Motivations and In-group BiasesPsychological Science, 2014

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