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Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 | 14:00 | Special Event

CERGE-EI Second-Year Research Fellowship 2020 Announcement

This year’s winners of the Second-Year Research Fellowships sponsored by the RSJ Foundation were announced and awarded June 16.
The fellowships have been awarded since 2015 to talented students from second year postgraduate studies who show great potential and interest in economic research.

Marek Kapicka and Paolo Zacchia, members of this year’s academic committee, have evaluated a total of 14 student submissions and selected the following three study proposals as having the best research potential:

The first prize and CZK 55,000 prize money went to Marta Cota for her research proposal "Extrapolative Income Expectations: Consequences for Savings Accumulation".

The second prize, CZK 45,000, went to Artem Razumovskii for his research proposal "Investigating the Effect of Deadlines: Spillovers and Optimal Allocation".

Sona Badalyan finished third and was awarded CZK 38,000 for her proposal "The Effect of Parental Leave Benefit Amount on Leave Duration and Reemployment Wages: Evidence from Regression Kink Design".

Congratulations to all the winners and here's hoping we will see many interesting submissions in 2021.

RSJ Fellowship 2020