Library News

Cambridge Core

25 February, 2019
Free trial to Cambridge Core - Cambridge book multidisciplinary collection including more than 36 thousand e-books (the list is here) published by the Cambridge University Press. They are available until August 12, 2019 via Evidence Based Acquisition (it means that on base of usage statistics the books used most will be purchased). Cambridge Core contains selected e-journals and open-access e-journals (the list is here) as well. 

EBSCO eBooks

27 September, 2018
1300 new e-books are available on the platform EBSCO eBooks. All of them are searchable at and include collections such as World History, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Education etc. Reading is available within internet browser or application supporting Adobe DRM - Bluefire Reader ( for iOS, Android, Windows or Adobe Digital Editions ( for MacOS, Windows.

OECD iLibrary

27 September, 2018
OECD iLibrary provides a platform for these additional iLibraries:
United Nations (UN) iLibrary
The Commonwealth iLibrary
Norden iLibrary
World Trade Organization (WTO) iLibrary
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) iLibrary